Introducing Seeking Shalom, an eCourse on how reimagining charity can transform lives and restore communities.

Community-driven and video-based, Seeking Shalom will equip leaders to change the charity paradigm in their church or organization.

Experienced online or through the app, Seeking Shalom diagnoses why charity is not working, builds a rich, biblical framework for understanding poverty, and invites practitioners to implement five principles that get us beyond meeting needs and into seeking shalom.





We know that charity is

not producing the results

that we long to see.


Seeking Shalom reveals

why and what to do about it.



L E A R N  F R O M  E X P E R I E N C E D  L E A D E R S

    From scholars to innovators to those experiencing poverty to nationally known authors, Seeking Shalom allows you to learn from some of the most compelling voices in our time. These pioneers and advocates are from all over the country offering expertise from work done all over the world. Each lesson brings you the opportunity to be changed, challenged, and blessed by a diverse array of dynamic leaders. 

A N D  M A N Y  M O R E .

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Seeking Shalom brings together the convenience of online education with the power of learning in community. With interactive videos and group discussion boards, you will learn alongside other innovative thinkers who are working to change the charity paradigm.

You can join a Cohort. Sign up as an individual and learn alongside a nationwide group of innovators and practitioners.


You can start your own group(s). Sign your church or organization up so that you can create and manage your own private groups.





Seeking Shalom combines the convenience of online learning with the compelling nature of learning in community, Seeking Shalom is a resource that will change charity for good in your community.

Seeking Shalom is compatible on a desktop, laptop, and available on the App Store. 

Getting the App:
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3) Experience Seeking Shalom on the go!



 T W O   W A Y S   T O   J O I N   S E E K I N G   S H A L O M

You can start your own private group or enroll in one of our nationwide cohorts!  

COHORT 5: January 03 - February 13

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