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We’re seeing a revolution in how people think about poverty. What started with one bold idea has resulted in over four decades of on-the-ground results.

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Community Development

Translating deeper understanding into lasting impact.

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Creating more effective programs for those who need it most.


Applying principles of community flourishing across the world.

Unlock Breakthrough Insights With Better Diagnostics.

Why are some communities thriving while others are stuck? A smart strategy starts with an accurate picture of what is happening and where action can make the biggest difference.

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Flourishing Neighborhood Index

Seminars & Workshops

Find the right opportunities for you and your team to experience hands-on training on a variety of topics.

Open House

Join people from all over the country for a two-day introduction to our community development model and methodology.


Learn from experienced movement leaders through the eye-opening video course Seeking Shalom.

Learning A New Language Of Charity

“Program is our native tongue,” the missions pastor told me. Her words caused the gears in my brain to realign and click together. After meeting with countless groups who deeply desire to love and serve their neighbors, but struggle in many ways to do so, the metaphor...

3 Characteristics Of Smart Charity

Charity is often the result of, well, charitable feelings prompting someone to act on behalf of someone else. It seems obvious: Someone needs something. I have that something. I give them that something, and they now have what they need. Problem solved. What we are...