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We’re seeing a revolution in how people think about poverty. What started with one bold idea has resulted in over four decades of on-the-ground results.

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Why are some communities thriving while others are stuck? A smart strategy starts with an accurate picture of what is happening and where action can make the biggest difference.

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Valuable Ways Churches Can Engage Neighborhoods

Recently, Lupton Center trainer and consultant David Park had the privilege to interview Dr. Dave Kresta to discuss community development. Kresta holds a Ph.D. in Urban Studies and is an adjunct assistant professor at Portland State University. In this interview, they...

How to Measure Community Impact

Impact only matters if we know it’s happening. It is key to Community Development, community-based solutions to uplift the disenfranchised. It’s one thing to implement a plan, but it’s another to understand how a plan reflects your goals. Thus, community Impact...

6 Core Stakeholders You Must Engage In Your Work

Relationships are at the core of everything we do within holistic community development. At the foundation of every project are people who have a vested interest in the work. These stakeholders are all connected to each other. Each has their own dynamics and roles to...