Effective strategies start with accurate diagnoses.

The Flourishing Neighborhood Index measures the health of your community across economic, social, and structural indicators.

Your Community, Reimagined

Discover how the Flourishing Neighbor Index can use data from your neighborhood to transform how you see and understand your community.

Explore the breadth of indicators captured by our index

By collecting a wide range of data from within your own community, you can measure neighborhood health and develop a robust plan of action.

Flourishing Neighborhood Index Infographic

Our Flourishing Neighborhood Index helps you…


priorities and objectives


a long-term plan


around immediate steps

The Index is helping us see both the places and the people around us with greater breadth and depth of understanding…coalescing neighbors and partners around particular areas for growth.

Rusty Langford

City Fields

Cleveland, TN

From Questions to Solutions in 3 Phases

Build your own index through an 18-month neighborhood transformation journey with the Lupton Center team.

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Phase 1

Become an expert on your neighborhood. You’ll gain valuable insights into the state of your community through guided evaluation, personal coaching, and a set of data-rich, interactive maps that tell the unique story of your neighborhood.
Phase 2

Unite stakeholders around a common vision. You’ll utilize neighbor-to-neighbor surveying, staff training and mentoring, and in-depth analysis of your Index data to articulate the voice, vision, and capacity of your community.
Phase 3

Execute a 24-month strategic plan. You’ll develop and implement a long-term plan to meet the neighborhood’s social, structural, and economic needs. Throughout, you’ll harness the Lupton Center’s expert counsel, ongoing group learning and video coaching, and data visualization and mapping tools to measure and evaluate impact.

A good fit for you if you…

  • Believe the Holistic Neighborhood Development model can make a difference in your community
  • Desire better visibility into the factors underpinning development
  • Lack an clear and effective long-term strategy
  • Need to build community relationships and alignment

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