Holistic Neighborhood Development

A method, a manifesto, and a movement

We are transformation consultants—offering tools and services to change the way organizations respond to poverty. In a world discontent with ineffective poverty-alleviation tactics, clients engage the Lupton Center to unlock a whole new vision for impact in their community.

Our strategies, tools, and resources are all driven by one, big transformative idea: Holistic Neighborhood Development.

The Movement

Over 40 years ago, the seeds of this movement were planted by a pioneering leader named Bob Lupton, author of Toxic Charity, and his team at Focused Community Strategies (FCS). By challenging old assumptions and reimagining the models, they began seeing dramatic change through hands-on partnership with Atlanta’s neighborhoods.

Holistic Neighborhood Development (HND) emerged as a set of beliefs and practices that replaced transactional giving with mutuality and partnership. It measured success by impact, not activity. It went beyond meeting the momentary needs of individuals and pursued the long-term flourishing of whole communities. HND began as a method within one neighborhood and is becoming a manifesto for practitioners around the world.

We hope you will join the movement.

In 2015, FCS founded The Lupton Center to share these strategies, tools, and resources so that organizations can implement HND in their own unique contexts. Whether you are in an urban neighborhood, a rural county, or a community in the developing world, our team can put these principles and practices to work for you. 

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The Method

For every leader and every organization trapped in the cycle of addressing the symptoms of poverty without results, the Lupton Center offers hope.

Wherever you are and whatever you do, our Holistic Neighborhood Development tools and training can work in your context. Connect with us today to see how.