Meet our Team

We are transformation consultants—offering tools and services to change the way organizations respond to poverty. In a world discontent with ineffective poverty-alleviation tactics, clients engage the Lupton Center to unlock a whole new vision for impact in their community.

If you choose to work with the FCS Training and Consulting team, known as The Lupton Center, you will find a group of creative, brilliant, fun-to-be-around leaders who are committed to justice, equity, and inclusion. We believe that poverty is not an inevitability nor the result of individual decisions alone. A long history of public and private decisions have been made that have created the high concentrations of social and economic inequalities that we see, especially in communities of color. Our team works with change-makers who are looking for more than the short-term alleviation of poverty’s painful symptoms. We partner with those who want to reweave the fabric of neighborhoods through holistic, people-centered, and equity-driven strategies.

Our Team


Community Development Advisor

Candice Kelly is a Community Development Advisor with the Lupton Center. Candice came to FCS after studying Human Services and Spanish at Kennesaw State University. From there, she began working for the public school system where her leadership brought  together parents, school administration, teachers, and social work resources to ensure disadvantaged students got the support they needed. That is one of the many places her passion for engaging and understanding people and places began. As a member of FCS’s training and consulting team, she utilizes her gifts for connecting with people and keeping them engaged and excited about the future. Her favorite thing about being in her role at FCS is seeing people learn new perspectives and use their newfound knowledge to create a lasting impact on their community.


Lead Trainer and Consultant

David Park is a Lead Trainer and Consultant with The Lupton Center. David comes to FCS with over a decade of experience as a local church pastor in a community development setting where he collaborated with and advised many nonprofit organizations to impact local communities. David also brings a variety of experience to this work as an entrepreneur, creative, and affordable housing advocate and investor. As a member of FCS’s Training and Consulting Team, David brings a unique blend of strategic thinking, facilitating, and compassion to the work of community building. He loves being a part of a diverse team that practices and seeks to grow personal and collective wholeness.


Community Development Advisor

Elsa Borrello is a Community Development Advisor with the Lupton Center. Elsa comes to FCS from a background in Business Administration and Social Impact, where she worked with both large companies and grassroots nonprofits in Detroit prior to moving to Atlanta. Bringing these two fields together uniquely allows her to support the building of sustainable organizations that accomplish real impact. As a member of FCS’s Training and Consulting Team, Elsa brings a strong desire to see communities empowered from within, and thinks critically and strategically about improving development processes. Elsa loves getting to know clients and their communities, and learning from her brilliant teammates.


Graduate Research Assistant

Rebekah Malpass is a Research & Consulting Associate with the Lupton Center as well as an FCS Fellow. Rebekah comes to FCS from the University of Florida, where she studied literary works by women and people of color with an overall focus on prophetic activism and the formation of the beloved community. She is currently a Master of Divinity student at Candler School of Theology, where her studies focus on Feminist and Womanist Theologies, nonprofit leadership and management, and cultivating a theology of place. As a member of FCS’s Training and Consulting Team, Rebekah brings attention to detail, deep empathy, and a strong desire to learn and grow to our work. She enjoys collaborating with her colleagues who are passionate about the true flourishing of all people.


Director of The Lupton Center

Dr. Shawn Duncan is the Director of FCS’s Training and Consulting Division, The Lupton Center. Shawn comes to FCS from the nonprofit leadership sector with research and writing focused on pedagogies for social impact. In his previous careers he has focused on multi-sector coalition building for community impact, content and curriculum design, group facilitation, leadership development, and immigration reform advocacy. As the leader of The Lupton Center team, Shawn brings a visionary voice for innovation, a strategic mind for resource development, and the leadership acumen to support and equip the team for success. He loves being a part of a mission-driven team that finds joy in one another while doing such important work.


Lead Trainer and Consultant

Stacy Brungardt is a Lead Trainer and Consultant with the Lupton Center. Drawing from both her lived experiences in chronic, material poverty and her professional experiences as the director of community development for an Atlanta-based nonprofit. Stacy is an innovator gifted at building bridges that connect people, groups, and efforts to reduce poverty. Her educational background in psychology and sociology has fueled her passion for disrupting the traditional paradigms of charity for developing healthier models of holistic neighborhood engagement that maximize impact. Stacy is also a winner of the 2014 Technical College System of Georgia’s Award for Occupational Leadership.


Lead Trainer and Consultant

Stephen Causby is a Lead Trainer and Consultant with the Lupton Center. Stephen comes to FCS from community development and leadership development across the Atlanta region where he managed a technical assistance program for local governments and the group which executes the agency’s core leadership programs, including the LINK leadership visit. As a member of FCS’s Training and Consulting Team, Stephen brings a passion for helping communities develop in ways that build on their unique character, while also driving change around racial equity. He loves working directly with clients to help them explore ways to build healthier, more sustainable neighborhoods.

Equipping Change-Makers to Make Change

If you would like to learn more about our team or our services, please reach out to us today. One of our Community Development Advisors will be in touch to set up a time where we can connect and discover how we might be able to support the impact you desire.

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