Bespoke Services

The Support You Need for the Impact You Envision

The Lupton Center understands that every issue, context, and organization is unique, which is why we offer personalized consulting services. We want to enter into your context, your challenges, and your vision so that we can craft the strategy that is right for you. Whether with individual leaders, boards, or whole organizations, we help unlock whole new visions for impact.

The Lupton Center wants to equip you to create real and lasting change. We offer independent consulting sessions as well as longer-term contract agreements.

A few examples of our personalized consulting:

  • Strategic planning for a health
    care NGO in Haiti 
  • Vision and mission clarification
    with a nonprofit startup in Texas
  • Affordable housing strategy with
    a CD org in Tennessee
  • Board development retreat
    with a nonprofit in Iowa
  • Business plan for community
    cafes in the Philippines 
  • Program redesign for church
    benevolence in Washington

Our coaching and consulting services are based on over 40 years of experience in community development, up-to-date research, and years of partnerships with successful organizations around the globe. We consult on everything from benevolence to business development, from missions to mixed-income housing.

Whether you are a charitable organization, civic group, business, church, or nonprofit, The Lupton Center can come alongside you to equip you to more fully and successfully live out your mission.

For the support you need for the impact you envision…