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Cleveland, TN Uses the FNI to Flourish

You may recall that we have been running six Flourishing Neighborhood Index assessments in neighborhoods across the country, including in our hometown of South Atlanta! One of these neighborhoods was in Cleveland, Tennessee. It’s a community about an hour outside of...

Sense of Place and Community

Sense of Place is crucial to neighborhood development. It’s a framework to describe a neighborhood's character and neighbors’ attachment to it. As you enter a school or local restaurant, you may feel attached to your surroundings. These emotional responses are...

City Shapers Update: Holland, Michigan

As you know, we have been launching City Shapers cohorts across the country! We recently got back from our second gathering with the Holland City Shapers team. We caught up with Lead Trainer David Park to hear about the progress being made in this city. If YOU are...

Rootedness vs. Sense of Place

You’ve heard us talk about the importance of focusing on Place. In particular, we’ve been explaining the concept of Sense of Place and how it can supercharge neighborhood transformation. Today, we want to talk about related but distinct concepts: rootedness and...