Create a Cohort of Changemakers Seeking Flourishing in Your City.

The Lupton Center is searching for unique sets of innovative leaders willing to disrupt old patterns of charity program delivery and create new possibilities for collaboration and partnership.

City Shapers is a two year process of discovery, collaboration, and innovation that blends in-depth leadership, change, and partnership training and  tools. It has been uniquely designed for organizations who are working to change the way philanthropic programs are designed and delivered  in their organization and through their community. City Shapers is for organizations who understand that a comprehensive, place-based approach that includes the major stakeholders in a community is required to create lasting change in impoverished places . Organizations participating in City Shapers will work together to transform the processes that are traditionally used to respond to material poverty so that their communities can flourish. Together, organizations will diagnose system health, cast vision for a more effective approach, and create a roadmap for leading the change process.



City Shapers is a community of up to 10 community-specific organizations who will lead, learn, & innovate together. They will receive personalized support from The Lupton Center and get access to the training and the tools needed to equip them to effectively lead change in their place.

Cohorts are forming all over the country. Please click here to learn more about starting a City Shapers cohort in your community. 

“What an awesome experience this has been! The Lupton Center has provided a robust and experiential learning platform to work through a strategy for deploying healthy principles in my context. I am equipped to take on my key leadership challenges. I have a road map for navigating 3e Mckinney to a biblically-based model of holistic community development.”


Is This an In-Person or Online Cohort?

City Shapers consists of six 4 month modules. Each module begins with a Lupton Center led, in-person two day retreat in your community. Each retreat includes teaching, training, and working sessions for your cohort of organizations. 

What Happens During City Shapers?

Each 4-month module includes 1 two-day retreat, planning and implementation check-in calls, program evaluation calls , and program post-mortems.

Can More Than One Person from the Same Org Join a Cohort?

City Shapers cohorts are made of up to 10 organizational teams, each team includes 3-6 members of the same organization.

Are There Payment Plans Available?

Yes, if you would like to set that up, just contact us.