Join us as we sit down with world-renowned biblical scholar, Walter Brueggemann to discuss what the Bible says about poverty, justice, and the world the Gospel invites us to envision.

Brueggemann takes us on a journey into scription to see how the Bible’s view of charity and mission is radically different from our own. Be inspired by the call in Scription to form neighborhoods where all people are guaranteed a “life of dignity.”

What you get

In-Depth Teaching

Engage two sessions with Dr. Shawn Duncan as he unpacks how a renewed theological imagination can help change the charity paradigm in your context.

Proven strategies

Discover effective tools used to address poverty and reinvigorate communities.

Teaching Series Guide

Take these frameworks into your own church as we provide you with the content and a teaching guide for your own sex-week series entitled “Pure Religion”.

Brueggemann Interview

Enjoy an inspiring, challenging session with a leading Old Testament scholar as he digs into biblical frameworks for poverty and what to do about it.

Walter Brueggemann

Introducing Life of Dignity—training for groups or individuals

“We gravitate to charity partly because we have a long distorted theological tradition that endorses it, and we take that tradition uncritically, so we pass it along”


Enroll today for a renewal of theological imagination. Let this course spark a change that will lead to a more transformative engagement with poverty and justice in your community.