Meet Our Team

Through the Lupton Center, FCS is equipping leaders to take meaningful and impactful action in their communities and organizations, empowering them to transform their work so that they can transform their place.

Shawn Duncan

Lupton Center Director

Dr. Shawn Duncan is the Director of the Lupton Center. Gifted in content experience design and the facilitation of adult learning, Shawn leads the team in working together to transform the paradigm for responding to material poverty. Background in ministry, coaching, non-profit leadership, and curriculum design has prepared him to equip organizations to create lasting impact in their city.

Stacy Brungardt

Lead Consultant

Stacy Brungardt is a consultant with the Lupton Center. Drawing from both her lived experiences in chronic material poverty and her professional experiences running community development non-profits, Stacy is an innovator gifted at building bridges that connect people, groups, and efforts to reduce poverty. 

Stacy’s background in psychology and sociology has fueled her passion for disrupting the traditional paradigms of charity by developing healthier models of holistic engagement that maximize impact.

Monica Evans

Communications Manager

Monica is the Communications Manager for the Lupton Center. Monica offers extensive knowledge and experience in digital marketing and communications tools and techniques.

Monica specializes in communicating the value of the Lupton Center’s programs. She also helps clients communicate their values to their communities and neighbors. Monica excels at ideation and strategic thinking, oriented around a holistic approach to strategic communications strategies.

Candice Kelly

Accounts Manager

As the Accounts Manager for the Lupton Center, Candice exercises her gifts for connecting people to resources and keeping people engaged and excited about our work!

Candice’s background is in Human Services, where she previously worked as an educational liaison helping parents stay connected to their students learning experience. 

Jim Wehner

FCS Ministries President 

Jim joined the FCS team in September 2008 as the Executive Director of Charis Community Housing.  In January 2014, Jim accepted the role of President at FCS.

With experience in for-profit and non-profit sectors, Jim brings a balance of ministry experience and business skills to this non-profit, community development organization.

Celine Apollon

Data Analyst

As an Atlanta-native and Outkast’s biggest fan, Celine grew up observing the inequities of class and race in the city. After serving in Figuier, Haiti, she truly learned how community is everything. From there started her passion for community development.

Currently, Celine is pursuing a Masters in City Planning with a concentration in Community Development + Urban Design from the University of Pennsylvania.  She is passionate about designing both with and for black and brown communities and community wealth building. 

Bekah Malpass

Research and Consulting Associate

Bekah Malpass is the Lupton Center’s Graduate Research and Consulting Associate. She is currently a second-year Master of Divinity student at Emory University’s Candler School of Theology, with a focus on community development, justice and peace-building, and nonprofit leadership.

With a background in English, education, and family, youth, and community sciences, Bekah is passionate about place-based, sustainable community development that transforms neighborhoods and is rooted in relationships.”

Matt Seadore

Associate Consultant

Matt leads at the intersection of people and systems. He believes that the center needs to learn from the margins, and naturally brings relational congruity, emotional intelligence, and a non-anxious presence to environments engaging in complex change.

Nora Colmaneres

Associate Consultant

Nora is a ministry coach and nonprofit leader open to coaching church pastors and teams to implement innovation and bring about transformation. She is experienced in intercultural communication and development of multicultural congregations.

She has extensive expertise in designing and implementing innovative strategies to fulfill the vision of the organization. Her strengths include designing and implementing innovative strategies to make a long-term impact, including using Human-Centered Design to create new tools and training resources for meaningful engagement.