24 Aug, 2023

Civic Infrastructure & Credible Leadership

with Shawn Duncan, Stephen Causby, & Tanisha Corporal
Season 2,
  Episode 3
Place Matters
Place Matters
Civic Infrastructure & Credible Leadership

In this week’s episode, we’ll continue our discussion around the importance of social cohesion when it comes to holistic neighborhood development. If you haven’t already listened to last week’s episode, “Sense of Place and Neighborhood Connectivity,” we recommend starting there. We are excited to get into the conversation surrounding the last two of the four indicators that define social cohesion: civic infrastructure and credible leadership. This episode features lead consultant Stephen Causby, and Tanisha Corporal — a South Atlanta neighbor, Civic League co-chair, and member of the FCS Senior Board.

Show notes

Shawn Duncan, Director of The Lupton Center
Dr. Shawn Duncan is the Director of FCS’s Training and Consulting Division, The Lupton Center. Shawn comes to FCS from the nonprofit leadership sector with research and writing focused on pedagogies for social impact. In his previous careers he has focused on multi-sector coalition building for community impact, content and curriculum design, group facilitation, leadership development, and immigration reform advocacy. As the leader of The Lupton Center team, Shawn brings a visionary voice for innovation, a strategic mind for resource development, and the leadership acumen to support and equip the team for success. He loves being a part of a mission-driven team that finds joy in one another while doing such important work.

Stephen Causby, Lead Trainer and Consultant
Stephen Causby is a Lead Trainer and Consultant with the Lupton Center. Stephen comes to FCS from community development and leadership development across the Atlanta region where he managed a technical assistance program for local governments and the group which executes the agency’s core leadership programs, including the LINK leadership visit. As a member of FCS’s Training and Consulting Team, Stephen brings a passion for helping communities develop in ways that build on their unique character, while also driving change around racial equity. He loves working directly with clients to help them explore ways to build healthier, more sustainable neighborhoods.

Tanisha Corporal, Licensed Social Worker and a Certified Family Life Educator
A native of southeastern Pennsylvania, Tanisha has called Historic South Atlanta home for more than 20 years. She is the mother of one awesome young adult son, Khairi and a recent empty nester. Her professional experience includes working with several local non-profits and charter schools in human service and family engagement. She has an academic background in Psychology and Social Work, with a bachelor’s degree from Florida A&M University and a Maters of Social Work from Valdosta State University. Tanisha is a Licensed Social Worker and a Certified Family Life Educator providing personal coaching, empowerment education and community consulting. She has a history of dedicated service to families in some of Atlanta’s most vulnerable communities and is proud to call one such neighborhood, Historic South Atlanta, her home. She currently serves as the Co-President for the South Atlanta Civic League and leads Healing Circles and Self-care workshops in the neighborhood.


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