15 Feb, 2024

Neighborhood Economics

with Shawn Duncan & Jeff Delp
Season 5,
  Episode 1
Place Matters
Place Matters
Neighborhood Economics

FCS has chosen to work in historically Black and brown neighborhoods that are experiencing the concentrated forces of inequity. All too often, deliberately disadvantaged neighborhoods, get blamed for the conditions that are out of their control. And, at the same time, the solutions being devised don’t include them either. This is painfully obvious when we look at the way our cities think about economic development. Most of the systems and strategies we are using are creating problems, not solving them. FCS advocates that ending inequity and promoting prosperity means getting our economic scales adjusted to the unit of the neighborhood. What might it mean to change the paradigm and begin the pursuit and practice of neighborhood economics?

Show notes

Shawn Duncan, Director of The Lupton Center                                                                                                                        Dr. Shawn Duncan is the Director of FCS’s Training and Consulting Division, The Lupton Center. Shawn comes to FCS from the nonprofit leadership sector with research and writing focused on pedagogies for social impact. In his previous careers he has focused on multi-sector coalition building for community impact, content and curriculum design, group facilitation, leadership development, and immigration reform advocacy. As the leader of The Lupton Center team, Shawn brings a visionary voice for innovation, a strategic mind for resource development, and the leadership acumen to support and equip the team for success. He loves being a part of a mission-driven team that finds joy in one another while doing such important work.

Jeff Delp, Director of Economic Development at FCS                                                                                                             Jeff Delp, Director of Economic Development, has been operating small businesses in Historic South Atlanta for more than a decade. He has been a resident of the neighborhood since 2001, and has been with FCS since 2009. Prior to his time with FCS, he started and operated two other local non-profit organizations in Atlanta. He is a graduate of Messiah College with Bachelor degrees in History and Political Science.

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