28 Sep, 2023

Rooted in Place, Centered on People

with David Park, Darian Colbert, & Yolanda Colbert
Season 2,
  Episode 8
Place Matters
Place Matters
Rooted in Place, Centered on People

Our training and consulting team has the pleasure of traveling the country to meet people doing inspiring work in their communities. In this episode, you’ll get to meet some of those people: Darian and Yolanda Colbert from Cohesion Network in Allentown, Pennsylvania. We’re so excited to share the conversation they had with David Park about what deep-dive, people-centered work looks like in their context. We hope it inspires you the way it inspired us!

Show notes

David Park, Lead Trainer and Consultant
David Park is a Lead Trainer and Consultant with The Lupton Center. David comes to FCS with over a decade of experience as a local church pastor in a community development setting where he collaborated with and advised many nonprofit organizations to impact local communities. David also brings a variety of experience to this work as an entrepreneur, creative, and affordable housing advocate and investor. As a member of FCS’s Training and Consulting Team, David brings a unique blend of strategic thinking, facilitating, and compassion to the work of community building. He loves being a part of a diverse team that practices and seeks to grow personal and collective wholeness.

Darian Colbert, Executive Director of Cohesion Network
Darian is the founder and Executive Director of Cohesion. He has served in leadership positions in urban development work since 1999. Through these roles, he has developed partnerships with leaders in universities, the public school system, and the juvenile justice system. He has traveled the world in support of indigenous leaders working in community development in Guatemala, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Uganda, Zambia, and South Africa.

Yolanda Colbert, Director of Operations for Cohesion Network
Yolanda is a longtime urban community organizer and advocate. In Allentown, PA, she served as a program coordinator for the Weed and Seed Youth Coalition—a component of the City’s Community and Economic Development Department. In this role, she coordinated federal, state, and local social services, private sector and community efforts to maximize the impact of existing community programs and resources.


Special thanks to our podcast editor, Tim Rhodes, for making this episode possible. If you are interested in working with Tim, you can contact him via email at tim@whistlingblue.com, or through his website, whistlingblue.com. If you have questions, feedback, or wish to contact us, please email Bekah Klein at bekah@fcsministries.org.