Break down the systems of poverty, not just the symptoms. This six-part interactive video series features leading voices and biblical perspectives to equip you and your team for lasting impact.

Short-term charity does some good things, but it keeps people from thinking about the system that keeps generating the problems that charity has to address."

–Walter brueggemann


Reimagine Charity Seminar

This seminar introduces groups to the basic concepts of toxic and responsible charity. It is an interactive event that reveals why traditional charity paradigms are not working and casts a vision for a better way. By looking at real life examples, participating in thought-provoking exercises, and being exposed to compelling teaching, participants come away ready to chart a new course for a more responsible engagement with the materially poor.



“Charity too often turns a person into a project.”

– darryl ford


Changing the Charity Paradigm

This workshop is dynamic, research-based and practical half-day event. It has been built for groups that have read Bob Lupton’s books, participated in the Reimagine Charity Seminar or are simply ready to start changing the way charity is practiced. It is truly a workshop in that participants will work on real-life initiatives and will come away prepared to take the next, best steps in their charity.

You can't come at people as if, 'You are deficient, and I am going to fix you.' It ain't going to work.

– Julia Dinsmore


FCS has been working in under-resourced neighborhoods in Atlanta for almost 40 years. Three times a year, FCS welcomes leaders, innovators, and practitioners from all over the country who come for two days to learn about our model for community development.

Our next Open House is September, 23rd and 24th 2019

I think that traditional charities are not moving the poverty needle because they are focused more on the 'what' instead of the 'why'.

– Stacy brungardt


My denomination needed to learn how to re-introduce themselves to their neighborhoods. The training we received through The Lupton Center wisely nudged leaders to ask hard questions and to reinvest themselves by fostering a posture of humility, stability, and hospitality.

Dr. Reginald Smith
Christian Reformed Church 

We hosted a Lupton Center workshop for over 75 leaders from churches, business, and other nonprofits in our city, and the response we received was overwhelming! A remarkable facilitator walked us through proven strategies that are already changing the way our community is partnering together to address material poverty. 

Barbara Rush
Greater Hickory Cooperative Christian Ministry 

The training we received from the Lupton Center was incredible. Our trainer connected so well with our audience and the quality of the content exceeded our expectations. It was informative, inspirational, and challenging. This training has provided our community with a common language to discuss how we can best work for long lasting, sustainable development.

Keaton Eilers
The Des Moines Collective