There are two prices - one for every individual user and one for groups.

group price:

$240 - Group of 12

$500 - Group of 25

If you decide to have more than 12 or 25 in your group or to create more than one group, each participant you add beyond the number above will pay the individual price. 

individual price:

$25 - This is the price for all individual users who join on of the Lupton Center Cohorts, nationwide groups of innovators and practitioners which we start on a regular basis.

This price is also for any individual users that are added to private groups beyond the group size listed.

Join Our Cohort vs. Create Your Own Group(s)

Join a Lupton Center Cohort

If you sign up as an individual you will: 

  • be placed in a cohort of 25 leaders, innovators and practitioners from all over the country to learn and grow together

  • be inspired by creative thinkers and courageous leaders you would otherwise never meet

  • start as soon as the next group begins 

Create Your Own Group(s)

If you purchase a group license for your organization you will get:

  • a downloadable Leader's Guide to equip you to facilitation in-person gatherings to process the online learning and take it further

  • access to a dashboard with all the data from how your group is interacting with the platform - every agree, disagree, comment, and answer will be available to each group leader

  • the ability to control and manage multiple groups - who is in what group, when they start, etc.

The Seeking Shalom Experience

Is this just watching videos online?

NOT EVEN CLOSE! Seeking Shalom is on an amazing learning platform called Understory. Not only will the content in Seeking Shalom be invaluable, the experience you will have using the Understory platform will be unique and extremely beneficial. Understory allows users to interact in real time with every video, offers interactive discussion boards for your group, and tons of additional resources to promote depth and community interaction. This is an video-based, community-driven, highly interactive experience.

How much time will each lesson take?

Each online session can be completed in about an hour. You can do this all in one sitting or break it up over multiple days. If you are a part of a private group that is also meeting in person, you will likely be adding an additional hour per week to your experience of Seeking Shalom.

Learning in Community

Do we meet in person?

Public groups only experience the course online.

For organizations creating private groups, it is suggested, but not required, that you also set aside an hour (or 2) to gather as a group to discuss each lesson. If you sign up as an organization we will provide you with a Leader's Guide for these gatherings.


If we meet in person, are there materials for group leaders?

If you purchased the group licensing option, there is a downloadable pdf called Seeking Shalom: Leader's Guide that prepares you to lead six group gatherings that can last from 45 minutes to two hours. It is available for download from the online platform once you register. 


If I belong to a registered organization, do I need to purchase as an individual?

Only register with the unique link that your group leader sends you. If you register as an individual on the Lupton Center page, you will be joining one of the public groups.

Need more help registering?


Setting Up Your Group(s)

I just signed up my church/org, how do I set up my group?

Use this helpful guide to get started!


Does this series have to be six weeks long?

Only if you sign up as an individual. If you sign up as a group you can determine your own pace. Though there are 6 online sessions, they can be taken as quickly or strategically as you desire. We have suggested outlined distinct approaches for Seeking Shalom - 3 weeks, 6 weeks, and 12 weeks, but you can manage the course however you like. If you sign up as an organization, the Leader's Guide delineates each approach.  

What if I want to buy the course now but not lead a group until later?

You have 12 months from the time of purchase to use your license for Seeking Shalom.

How do I watch? 

You can watch these videos on a Windows or Apple desktop/laptops. If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can download Understory on your App Store. Once downloaded, simply type in your log-in credentials and you can learn on the go!